About the company

E-Autoline, with its 7500 square metre area, is Tallinn's largest motor vehicle sales lot, which began operating in 1998.

On the E-Autoline sales lot, the buyer can choose from among approximately 300 motor vehicles and small trucks. Sold in addition to motor vehicles imported from Germany are motor vehicles which belong to leasing companies as well as Estonian private persons and companies. The majority of the asset being sold can be acquired through leasing or instalment.

E-Autoline is a used motor vehicle and truck sales trademark operated by OÜ Autolink, which is based on private Estonian capital. Autolink OÜ was founded in 2002 and employs nine people, including a four-person sales team.

In 2010, Autolink OÜ sold and intermediated a total of 727 motor vehicles with a total cost of 111,4 million kroons (7,118 million €). Motor vehicles up to 5 years of age were the most represented in that group.

E-Autoline's large sales lot allows for a large selection of used motor vehicles. An emphasis is placed on giving clients a flexible and trustworthy opportunity for motor vehicle exchange as well as purchase and sales.

Thanks to our extensive co-operative work with leasing companies we are able to offer lightly used motor vehicles driven in Estonia as well as a fast and large selection of leasing financing opportunities when acquiring a motor vehicle.

E-Autoline advertises motor vehicles for sale via many electronic channels. At the beginning of 2010, the website was visited by 2100 people per day.